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Our Story & Team


Edwin Porras

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist
 In 2012, Dr. Edwin Porras started his journey as a sports physical therapist after watching grainy Kelly Starrett YouTube videos. He learned there is more to physical therapy.

Early on in his career, Edwin noticed that traditional PT often left athletes at only 80% health because of insurance or because of lost hope. Edwin wanted more

Determined, Edwin voluntarily underwent additional formal training during a pandemic. Then he received an opportunity to work with the Minnesota Twins baseball club and dove head first into hundreds of hours of baseball specific training. As a part of a team, Edwin rehabbed professional athletes back to the diamond. All while learning how to constantly refine the rehab process. For more.

That's why Edwin established PRO Athlete Physical Therapy. To be pro-active about injuries instead of re-active. Sure we treat pros, but the phrase also reflects our mission to support the whole athlete at all levels. So, we share something in common: an unrelenting drive for more