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Go PRO: Perform. Recover. Optimize.

We guide athletes on the pursuit to get healthy, stay healthy and compete at the next level.

3 Steps To Go PRO

Dry needling an athlete' calf

Step 1: Book an Eval

Optimize: become a better athlete while addressing the root cause of your injury.

Pro athlete doing shoulder exercise

Step 2: Commit to your Plan

Recover: strengthen in a gradual way that supports your goals.


Step 3: Go PRO

Perform: get back to your sport like a pro.

Don’t Let Injuries Stop You!

Whether its professional baseball, amateur basketball or hiking in the mountains, you'll rehab like a pro with us.

At PRO Athlete, we get athletes of Denver back to their sport or activity - even if they’ve tried everything else.



PRO Physical Therapy

Every appointment is a one-on-one session like you’ve never had before. After finding your root problem, we get you out of pain through a combination of load management, education, hands-on therapy (like massage/dry needling/cupping) and especially hard work in the gym. Whether its a baseball injury, prehab work or a running program, we guide you every step of the way.


After spending hundreds of hours helping professional athletes recover from shoulder, elbow, low back, hamstring and various other ailments, the time came to put down roots and help the next generation of PRO Athletes.

The process is simple. Schedule an evaluation in-person, commit to your individualized plan and perform like a PRO.

Reach new heights. Go PRO today.

See What Others Are Saying About PROAthlete!

“Elbow rehab with Edwin wastough but worth it. I’m strongernow and with my new routine,I’m throwing harder than ever.”
“Edwin is a rehab expert. He got mywrist fully healthy quickly andcomfortably. He has a fun andcharismatic personality and isgreat to work with!”
“Edwin was able to help me get backto my level of play before TommyJohn surgery!”
"My back never bothered me again during the season or to this day. I just keep up with my routine and Edwin's recommendations."
“Edwin was attentive and carednot only about my foot rehab butme as a person. His attention todetail and process took not onlymy safety but how I felt intoaccount. I trust him as much asany AT or PT I’ve had.”
“I did my Tommy John rehabwith Edwin. I feel better, muchstronger had no setbacks.Edwin is dedicated to hisprofession and detailoriented. I cannot recommendhim enough.”